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Using systemd as user service manager with systemctl and journalctl in userspace

Common systemd usage is to manage global linux services, that can be created/modified only with root/sudo credentials.

But systemd have the great user mode, that allow to create and control any services without sudo permissions, that runs as user owner, we simply need to add the `--user` argument.

For allow to start user services on system boot, you must one-time launch the command for needed user: sudo loginctl enable-linger LOGIN


Quick way to install SaltStack minion on Debian / Ubuntu Linux

Here is bash commands to quickly install salt-minion to Ubuntu / Debian systems:


hostnamectl set-hostname $HOSTNAME

cd /tmp && wget -O - | bash && rm ./bootstrap-salt.log

echo "master: $MASTER
" > /etc/salt/minion.d/$BRAND.conf

echo "$HOSTNAME" > /etc/salt/minion_id

service salt-minion restart


How to disable auto switching Bluetooth from A2DP to HSP profile on Skype calls in Linux

If you use Bluetooth headset, you probably have bad quality of voice in VoIP calls via Skype and other apps. This happens on Linux and on Windows too.

This happens because when an application starts a call - it create a recording stream with property media.role=phone (telephony applications should set that property for their streams), and PulseAudio switch profile of your Bluetooth Headset from A2DP (Stereo high-quality one-way channel) to HSP/HFP (Mono low-quality 2-way channel for voice-only).