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Drupal improvements and couching

I actively collaborate with Drupal community to improve Drupal core and modules, try to help people with studying and understanding Drupal. In companies, where I work and collaborate, I promote Drupal as best solution for websites, help with it's integrating and managing.

I have taught many people to create functional websites using Drupal CMS:

  • From non-technical-improved people (content managers, layout designers, project managers), that now be able to quickly build simple websites via bunch of mouse clicks, using no-code approach.
  • To junior-medium programmers, that improve his skills and can now develop custom business logic, using right Drupal API calls and variety of contributed modules, and will not want go back to less-functional legacy CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Bitrix, etc.
  • And even couching senior programmers to improve his skills with debugging Drupal Core, bug-fixing and optimizing performance.

At my profile you can see the list of bugs, which I was investigate and fix, and also new features, developed via myself and via collaboration with Drupal community.

Unfortunately, most of companies, where I work, don't welcome the collaboration with Drupal communities for improving the product, so I was forced do this at my own free time, which has always sorely lacking, because of my family and children.

So I will glad to find the good place, where I will can not only develop specific features for commercial clients, but also improve Drupal core and contributed modules for community, promote it at conferences, study students, etc.