Yet another web developer blog - public [matrix] server

I have involved into [matrix] project at 2016 year, when I, as system administrator at QSEO company, was searching for corporate needs modern opensource alternative to XMPP protocol, with server-side history, group chats, video conferences, and all other modern features like stickers and rainbows :)

And I have inspected, that [matrix] is a great libre future for all messengers (like WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, etc) and communication platforms (Slack, MatterMost, RocketChat, etc), and decided to create a free [matrix] server for growing Russian community of this protocol, at domain, with Russian wiki-based knowledge base as front of website.

When building, optimizing and managing the server, I dug out a coupe of bugs and proposed a bunch of improvements, that you can see at issue trackers in, Synapse, Element, and many other Matrix-related projects.

As result, today the server, due to my support, works quick and stable for bunch of users, that use it as main messenger, with native bridges to Telegram, WhatsApp, Slack, and some others closed-sourced commercial platforms.