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PHP and Drupal Framework skills

With Drupal developing I prefer to investigate all possible solutions from reusing ready-made modules to writing full code from scratch, and find the best balance between required technical requirements, developing time, further support and updates. I have a lot of experience with many Drupal modules not only from user side, but also analyzed the code of most modules and wrote the patches. So I am sure, that I can find the best solutions for any tasks.

Total Drupal CMS experience: 14 years, since 2007 year (starting from Drupal 5.0 release).

Preferred core: Drupal 8.x and later, based on object-oriented programming is preferred.

Total PHP experience: since 1998 year. profile: Alexey Murz Korepov: more than 30 issue credits, 1000+ posts.

Detailed Drupal coding skills:

  • Drupal 8.x core: Configuration API, Cache API, Block API, Database API, Form API, Queue API, Batch API, Views API, Layout Builder.
  • Symphony components: EventDispatcher, HttpKernel, Routing, DependencyInjection, Translation, CssSelector, Serializer.
  • Frontend: Drupal Render arrays, Twig templates, CSS compilers (LESS, SCSS, SASS), Bootstrap framework, jQuery, plain JS.
  • Modules: Commerce, Media, Media Library, Paragraph, Workflow, Entity Construction Kit, Entity Hierarchy, Geolocation, Geofield, Pathauto, Memcache, Redis, Default content, Twig Tweak, Views Advanced Cache, Migrate, Search API, Search API Solr, Metatag, Inline Entity Form, Better Exposed Filters, Config Split.
  • Testing: PHPUnit, Simpletest
  • Infrastructure: Drush, Drupal console, PHP Composer, Git, Docker, Linux administration.

PHP experience history:

Previously developed using following CMS: Joomla!, Wordpress, XOOPS.